My 3 Top Tips For Affiliate Marketing Beginners

My 3 Top Tips For Affiliate Marketing Beginners

school-73497_640Affiliate marketing can be a though nut to crack even for some of the most intelligent.

Lucky for me, affiliate marketing is not an intellectual game – cause if it was, I would have been out of it a long time ago.

Just sayin

However, I am gonna share with you some of my thoughts that might change your outlook on how you move your online business forward.

The funny thing is, no one talks about this stuff, because it’s not as sexy as driving hoards of visitors to affiliate offers.

But look – if sexy ain’t working for ya, then this might be what you’re missing.

It’s what was missing for me for the longest time.

So I’m gonna put it out there k…

BUT before I do  …

I was reading a post this morning from a dude named James who had NOT one, NOT two, BUT multiple academic degree’s, even a degree that had a Phd on the end of it.

But guess what ?

He wrote about how difficult it was for him to make any sales in affiliate marketing … in fact to date he had not made any sales at all

… he talked about how in the space of 2 years he had spent over $10K on training courses and products that promised to give him results, BUT never delivered.

… he added that the only sales he successfully made online was selling some of his old stuff he didn’t need anymore on ebay.

So whilst he wasn’t getting the results he was hoping for, it wasn’t from the lack of trying.

Without knowing any more information about James, I understood where he was coming from, cause I had been there too, except I had spent over $50k on training.

As I contemplated this, I thought back to a time when I first started Internet Marketing in 2003, and how tough it was to start back then.

… and truly if it wasn’t for having no other option available to me BUT to succeed, I probably wouldn’t have experienced the level of success I do today.

If you don’t know me, then you can check out my crazy story here.

So, as I thought about James’s problem – I thought, what about the average guy or gal who’s just trying to make a few extra bucks on the side?

They don’t want to make millions of dollars – they just want to make some extra cash, or replace their current income, so that they would have the financial  freedom to spend time doing something they  really enjoy.

..and why NOT … life is too short to waste a 3rd of it on a J.O.B that you hate – or even semi like?

So look …

I quickly jotted down a few points that really made a difference to my online success.

See how they sit with you…

Here’s the skinny

Tip – 1)  (S +T +P) Strategy + Tactics + Process = SUCCESS

Often when we buy training courses or products we focus all of our attention on the tactical part of the formula above.

As in …

FB marketing

PPC marketing


Video Marketing


Don’t get me wrong – you need them in there, BUT – they do not equate to success by themselves.

… often tactics alone will NOT produce the level of success you want or expect without first understanding the strategy behind it.

You know … the WHY – and how everything fits together.

For example:

Take this blog for instance.

What am I doing here?

I am blogging to create an audience.

An audience of who?

People who are interested in affiliate marketing.

You are reading this post, because it might have some valuable tips on affiliate marketing that you could use – right?

If you dig what I say here, then you might read some of my other posts.

…and as you get to know me, you’re gonna understand that I’m a real person, with struggles just like you.

BUT … for one thing…

I have battled the Internet Marketing gods and have the scares and bruises to prove it, but have come out the other side triumphant!

…and if I can help you get to where you want to go… you might be able to help me get where I want to go.

… a reciprocal relationship so to speak.

Ya know…

This strategy is a totally different mindset from what I have been taught in the past.

In the past it was fast cash and profits, BUT homie don’t play that anymore.

So, understanding the WHY helps you to make better tactical decision for your online business.

So now when I send visitors to this website, I am not trying to make a fast sale, I am building a long term relationship with my peeps.

Yep, you’ve got it – an actual business.

Something that is sustainable and produces on-going long term income, whether you work it or not.

The “process” part of this formula is where you identify tactics that are working for you, and then you create a process where you rinse and repeat, until you get to the level of success you want.

Strategy drives the tactics that then drive the process – and altogether they combined to equal SUCCESS.

Tip – 2)  Expectations.

Having the right expectation means the difference between success and failure.

Why? … Because expectations dictate how long you will persist with a given task before you QUIT.

Expectation is a killer, especially if it is set wrong.

Get this part wrong and you might as well pack up your bags and go home.

Hell, don’t even start.

Let me paint the picture for ya…

Guru one tells you that you can use his system and get lots and lots of traffic…

“see – look at my results I’m the king of Facebook.”

So you look at his results and you say hey I want to get a bit of that action too.

So you buy the product and find out that you are getting no where near the same results, in fact your results suck, and you think to yourself, I must be doing something wrong (am I stupid) or you blame the product (I just fell for another product that didn’t work – again).

Either way, you get the same result.

But, some of these tactics actually do produce results if you pick the right ones.

However, people quit way too early.

Look all you have to do is copy me.

Tip – 3) Pump It Up

So this part eluded me for ages, cause I was just too damn lazy to see it.

I got to a point where I would make the odd sale here and there, but then nothing for ages.

…then one day it hit me.

If that worked why not build another one just like it – duh!

Or …

…lets take a different approach and “work it” out this way.

Can you see what happened there?

All strategy…

I modified the tactic and process to suit the strategy.

And as part of my daily process I did the work to produce the results – rinse and repeat.

Once you find something that works, then work-the-hell-out-of-it dot com. Take that bad boy to the hoop.

Scale it up – BIG TIME!

Find a way to duplicate that sucker up so that you have multiple ways of producing the same result.

Don’t be scare of hard work, because hard work produces results.

Go here if you want to know more about my strategy, tactics and process to earning more than a full-time income online.

Tip -4) There is no tip 4

But, if there were then it would be this.

Watch this now.

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