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Long Tail Pro Platinum Review & Tutorial – Keyword Research Software

If you are reading this Long Tail Pro Platinum review then chances are you would have heard about Long Tail Pro and what it does. But, how you use the tool will determine whether you make money in the next 3 months or in the next 3 years. After all Long Tail Pro is just […]

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Keyword Research Podcast : Listen To How Spencer Built An Online Business With Keywords

So this morning I was listening to a Podcast on keyword research that I found while consuming a sh*t load of cool content on Pat Flynn’s website. Pat did an interview with the creator (Spencer Haws) of one of my favorite keyword software tools Long Tail Pro, which if you have read some of my […]

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Keyword Research Checklist : Peep My Top 5 Keyword Research Secrets

Wanna know what my keyword research secrets are? Then peep my top 5 keyword research checklist The biggest problem that people have when getting started in affiliate marketing is identifying keywords that they can actually rank for in the serps. And this to a large degree is where your main focus on keyword research should […]

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Why Keyword Research Is So Important

Without traffic you can’t make sales and without sales you’re in the same boat as 95% of all the other penniless marketers. Ask a blogger (who’s actually making money) what’s one of the most important parts of their business – guess what they’d say? Yep – keyword research. Ask an affiliate marketer who only advertises […]

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What Are Buyer Keywords And Why Should I Care

If you can nail this concept down, then you will have a much better chance of making money online. Recently, I have written quite a few posts where I state that you should focus the creation of your initial blog content on buyer keywords. Which means that you should create your posts off of highly […]

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