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Best Places To Purchase Domain Names

You can buy domain names from a number of different registrars, but in essence they all provide the same service. (ie) They allow you to have a unique domain name that people can see around the world. So if all of the registrars do the same thing, then how do you decide which one is […]

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SEO: Calculate Keyword Difficultly For Free

When I first started out in affiliate marketing one of the most important things that I needed to understand was keyword difficultly. It’s no use in trying to rank for a keyword if the competition is too fierce. You might as well use that time to pick keyword phrases that will bring you traffic. And […]

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Jpg Vs Png – What’s The Best For Your Website

This post is going to be kinda short, because in my opinion there’s not too much discussion needed … as they say – a picture says a thousand words. Actually, I was a little surprised with the results. When it comes to optimizing your website for the search engines and for your visitors, the speed […]

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9 Ways Of Getting Free Organic Backlinks

Building backlinks to your website is becoming more and more complex given the recent Google updates. And if you think about it, Google is really only interested in ranking your content on the first page if it is better than what is currently there now – right? So the first step is to get the […]

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What Is The Best Way To Check Your Keyword Rankings?

Okay, so if you know anything about SEO and keyword research then one thing you are going to find yourself doing not once, but multiple times during the day is checking your website ranking for specific keywords. You somehow fall into a hypnotic trance where you just have to check if your rankings have changed […]

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