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Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable in 2013?

It’s funny a friend of mine was wanting to get into affiliate marketing, but was thinking that with all the competition on the internet that the market would be saturated. So that being the case, is it still worthwhile to get into affiliate marketing, given the competition? But here’s the thing. The industry is saturated […]

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Is Affiliate Marketing Difficult?

Say whaaat? Why does 95% always pop into my head when someone asks that question? Ooh, that’s right … It’s because over 95% of people who get into affiliate marketing fail! So when someone asks, is affiliate marketing hard, I guess the stats speak for themselves. When I first start affiliate marketing, I found it […]

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Affiliate Marketing Success Story – $200,000 in 6 months

Here’s one really interesting affiliate marketing success story, from a super affiliate called Tyler Cruz, who pulled in over $200,000 in commissions in six months, BUT is he really successful? Here’s some of Tyler’s latest stats. Now with those kinds of stats it is easy to think that Tyler has got this affiliate marketing thing […]

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Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – The Power Of Blogging

Like all of the ‘Made for Dummies’ series, if the topic has enough interest, then it makes sense to have an affiliate marketing for dummies series too – right? Anyway, I didn’t want this post to be about a boring ol topic like affiliate marketing for dummies, rather I wanted to create a brief article […]

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Affiliate Marketing Ideas To Make Money Online

Sometimes all you need is one good idea to make money online. Learn how a simple blog can make you money while you sleep. Sometimes I feel as if I need to escape this wonderful world that we call the world web wide, because I spend so much time in front of a screen. If […]

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