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Do What You’re Passionate About – Gary Vaynerchuk’s Words Of Wisdom

Some might call Gary Vaynerchuk controversial, some my call him arrogant, but whatever you call him, there’s no denying his passion for what he does. If you have sensitive ears then Gary might not be the person you’d listen too, because he has a flare for using four letter words wherever possible. It doesn’t bother […]

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How My Cat Molly Trains Me

Have you ever tried to train a cat? Not the easiest thing in the world to do, but I have always been successful at getting cats to do two things, respond to their names and to come in for dinner. When we picked Molly up from the cat protection league her name was Claudine, which […]

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The Never Give Up Attitude As Described By David Blaine

A lot of people think that affiliate marketing might be a good way to make money on the side, but get discouraged when things don’t go their way the first time they try. However, a lot of people persevere and they keep trying to “make it happen” but after about the 3rd or fourth time […]

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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold – Morgan Spurlock On TED

Morgan Spurlock the creator of Super Size Me decided to create a documentary about branding, product placement and advertising which he named The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. This guy is a marketing genius. Definitely worth watching.  

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8 Secrets Of Success – Richard St. John

Here’s the quickest 2 hour presentation condensed into an even quicker 3 minute video from Richard St. John. Richard has spent over 7 years studying success and after a conversation with a student who asked “what leads to success” he realized that he couldn’t good give her a good answer, so he decided to interview […]

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