The Best Traffic Source For Making Money Online For Newbies

The Best Traffic Source For Making Money Online For Newbies

It’s all about the traffic. If you pick the wrong traffic source to focus on it could mean the end of your online career.


No traffic = No sales.

Gee Frank I’m glad you told me that, because I would never have though of that myself. :)

But listen traffic is one thing that most new marketers get caught up on all the time.

And with all the different types of traffic sources available, sometimes it can get a little confusing as to which one to concentrate on.

Furthermore it’s something that if you don’t get a handle on, it will ruin your chances of being successful online.

Often new marketers flick from one traffic source to another.

They hear that SEO is hot this week so they jump on the SEO band wagon … shortly followed by the Facebook marketing train, because someone made a gazillion dollars with it … and finishing off with the Video marketing Bus which tallies up to be …

A BIG fat waste of time.

This is not to suggest that those traffic sources don’t work, but more they all need a committed effort in order to understand how to best use them.

It means that you should pick one traffic source and stick with it until it starts to produce for you.

Then … move onto other traffic sources so that you can scale up your business.

But listen a word of advice …

NOT all traffic sources are created equal

Some traffic sources convert at a much higher rate, and others won’t convert at all.

I mean right now I could go to and place an order for 10,000 unique US visitors to my website, and in about 5 days they would all be delivered, and all it will cost me is $5 bucks.

But if you think about it, if the traffic is only worth $5, what sort of sales do you think you’ll make at the end of the day.

Don’t worry you don’t have to test this out for yourself, because I’ll tell ya right now, you’ll get a BIG FAT zero.

But worse than that, you’ll get a big fat zero minus $5 bucks. :)

You see if that traffic converted into sales I would buy all the traffic they had and become a multi-millionaire.

But I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be the only one interested in that traffic source.

I would probably have to compete with other savvy marketers and out bid them until the price point of the traffic is driven up so much that it starts to reflect what is currently available on the market.

Some traffic sources won’t actually become profitable for you unless you build an email list. But that’s another story for another time.

Therefore if you’re new to making money online, the best place to start is with the traffic source that is going to convert at the highest possible rate.

What is the best traffic source to focus on?

The best traffic source that converts at the highest rate in my experience is search engine traffic, in particular organic search engine traffic.

And the reason why this traffic converts so well is because of the searchers intent.

Think about what happens when you buy a product online. After you have done your due diligence and research, the next step is to purchase the product.

So you’re at a point in your buying cycle where you are ready to plug in your credit card details and purchase the product.

So now it becomes a case of finding where or who to purchase the product from.

So you perform a quick search in Google and you find a review that supports all of you initial intentions of why you want to buy the product and so you purchase the product through that website.

These are the types of keyword phrase you need to target (i.e.) the phrases where people are at the end of their buying cycle and ready to commit to the purchase.

And do you know what the best part is?

This type of traffic is FREE and just about anyone can generate this type of traffic using a blog.

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