How To Create Videos Without Starring In Them

How To Create Videos Without Starring In Them

One of the fastest ways to rank in Google is to use Youtube.

Now some of you are going to switch off at this point, because you think that creating videos is too time consuming …

… or you are not quite ready for the lime light yet, and having your face out there.

Either way it doesn’t matter, because this method doesn’t involve having your face on camera at all …

… and won’t take you the entire day to create.

For this method, all you need to get it rocking, are a few pictures, and the use of a couple of free tools that I have listed below.

1) Windows Movie Maker – Free
2) Audacity – Free

In the video tutorial below I show you how to create super fast videos that you can use to capture leads for your business all day long.

Watch how I create these videos.

Well then, that wasn’t too difficult – was it?

How many keywords do you think you can rank for in Google if it only takes you 10 – 30 minutes to crank out a video.

I am not going to cover why Youtube videos rank so high in this post …

…all I am gonna say is that they do, and because of this, creating Youtube videos need to be part of you online marketing arsenal.

Youtube videos can sometimes get rank in a matter of hours.

This is great news, because it means you don’t have to wait weeks or months to start collecting commissions.

If you do your keyword research right, you can hit the top of Google with little to no backlinks, which means you could start earning commissions in a matter of hours.

Look I don’t want to over play this, but the reality is – it is possible, and it’s been done before.

Big picture

So the idea here, which is part of my blueprint, is to create these little videos that get ranked at the top of Google for specific keyword phrases.

They are going to be very targeted, and therefore will have a higher conversion rate.

Listen, most video creators don’t even think about targeting specific keywords, so there are a lot of untapped terms out there, ripe for the picking.

Now get cranking.

Frank Lam Sheung

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