Can Affiliate Marketing Be Done Without A Website?

Can Affiliate Marketing Be Done Without A Website?

So, the quick answer is yes, affiliate marketing can absolutely be done without a website. (and even with the risk of sounding too cocky) I do it everyday.

There’s one method that works great – that I use all the time, but before I get into that, it is important to know, that although you don’t need a website to make money online, a website will make it ten times easier for you to make sales, because searched based queries convert at a much higher rate than just about ANY form of advertising.


Because, of the searchers intent.

Someone who is actively searching for information will be more likely to take action, than someone who isn’t.

But, also a website, allows people to connect with you on a deeper level … and what happens when people know, like and trust you?

They are more inclined to buy from you than a complete stranger.

I know, they are technically still a stranger, but your website allows them to get to know you better, which differentiates you from the sea of other faceless marketers, who don’t have a website.

There are a lot of different ways to create your own website from using free blogging platforms like Blogger, Tumblr or WordPress, to hosting your own.

Okay, so I just wanted to let you know that, before we move into the the other thing I mentioned.

So here it is – it’s video marketing, in particular – Youtube videos.


Because of these three reasons.

1) They allow people to connect with you really fast.
2) They rank quickly in Google.
3) They can rank for some pretty competitive keyword terms.

Now, points two and three are the primary reasons why I use Youtube, however if you can put all three together then you have a winning formula.

So the idea here, is to create a video for a keyword that has high search volume, with reasonable competition in Google. For this you need a keyword tool to filter out keywords that are too difficult to rank for.

Once you have found these keywords, then it is a case of creating a video that relates to the keywords intent, and place your affiliate link in the description so that people can click out to your offer.

Sometimes creating videos, can pose a problem for some, because a lot of people including yours truly do not like being in front of a camera.

So if you are camera shy (like me) then you don’t have to get in front of one to use this method, there are other ways to produce the same result, learn how to here.

Knowing the keyword terms and competing pages in Google is going to get you a long way in ranking in the search engines, and the rest is on-page and off-page (back-links) optimization.

But if you are new to SEO and on-page optimization, then just follow these tips.

1) Include your keyword in the title of your video. (That’s the most important).
2) Include a click-able link in the description (put this at the top – make sure it starts with http:// or else Youtube won’t make it click-able. )
3) Include your keyword (and variations of your keyword) in a sentence or 3 in the description.
4) Include variations of your keyword in the tags.

That’s it.

Depending on how competitive your keyword is, it may rank on the first or second page in a matter of hours.

So that’s how you do it.

See how you can use this technique to make it rain down commissions here.

Frank Lam Sheung


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