What WordPress Theme Is He Using?

What WordPress Theme Is He Using?

Here’s a useful tool that might help you with setting up your WordPress blogs.

With many self hosted blogs being WordPress, have you ever wondered what theme the website owner was using?

Not to copy them – of course not ;), but more to use the functionality and layout of the theme for your website. I mean why recreate the wheel – right.

So here’s a useful tool that I came across the other day that will show you exactly what wordpress theme a website owners is using. Go check it out here : WhatWPThemeisThat.com



It can also tell you what plugin’s they are using, which can be use too.

However, when it comes to identifying what plugins the site uses, it is a bit hit and miss, so you could try using CMS Explorer. The good thing about this tool is that it not only works for WordPress, but also Drupal, Joola, and Mambo.

However, it can be a little technical to set up, if it is – then don’t spend time trying to work it out.


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