How to Set Up a WordPress Gravatar

How to Set Up a WordPress Gravatar

This is really easy, you just have to go to, set up an account and add a picture.

Here are the steps:

Step 1)  Go to to sign up.




Step 2) To setup your Gravatar, you can click on the Sign Up button found in the top right corner of Gravatar’s home page or you can click on the “Get Your Gravatar” button.




Step 3) You can sign in to Gravatar using your account if you already have one, but if you don’t have an existing account yet, you can create one. To create your own Gravatar, just click on the option “Need an account?” (if you chose to sign up using the Sign in button in the Gravatar’s homepage) or the option “Create a new one” (if you chose to sign up using the Get your Gravatar button).





Step 4) You will be taken to a sign up form, just fill it out (I recommend that you use the email add associated with your WordPress blog) and click on the “Sign Up” button.




Step 5) You will receive a confirmation email. To activate your Gravatar account, open your email and click the “Activate Account” button found in the confirmation email sent to you.





Step 6) When your account is activated, you can now sign in to Gravatar. Just enter your email address and your password, and then click on Sign in.






Step 7) You will be asked to upload an image in your Gravatar account. You can upload an image by clicking on the “Add one by clicking here!” option.




Step 8) Choose where you want to get your image.


Step 9) Once you have uploaded your image, you can crop your image if necessary and then click on the “Crop and Finish” button.




Step 10) Rate your image. Choose a rating that reflects your avatar. You can choose between rated G, PG, R, and rated X. Remember that the usage of an X rated image will prevent you from using it on some sites.



Step 11) When you’re done uploading an image, you’ve got yourself a Gravatar! You can now start using it. From here on out, whenever you leave a comment on any WordPress blog or website, that picture will show up.



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