Is The Fear Of Failure Holding You Back?

Is The Fear Of Failure Holding You Back?

Fear is what holds a lot of people back from accomplishing their dreams in life, so it is therefore important to understand what fear really is, if you are going to have any chance of overcoming it.

So what is fear?

The way that I have come to understand it is – fear is a state of mind that has been constructed from our belief system.

If you believe something to be true, then it will be true for you, whether it is or not.

Let me explain this a little.

I was watching an episode of Dr OZ the other day where he had a psychologist showing a person from the audience how to overcome her fear of spiders. And as I watched I could see the tears well up in this woman’s eyes as she started to shake uncontrollably from a picture of a spider.

Now I didn’t have the same reaction to this picture on my screen and nor did many of the people in the audience, however her belief was so strong that she had this uncontrollable reaction, which put her into a state of fear.

Now I am no psychologist, and I am not putting my hand up to cure all the phobias in the world, but I do know how to manage my own state of mind and maybe my insight in how I do this, might give you a little food for thought.

My experience in my online business has had me conquer many of my fears, including public speaking and sales, and it’s because I came to this one firm belief and that is in order to succeed I had to acquire the right attributes, skills and state to make it.


When most newbies get into affiliate marketing they start off with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, but in less than a couple of months most give up and put ‘making money online’ in the too hard to do basket.

Whereas if they just didn’t give up then eventually they would reach their goal.

All businesses whether online or offline demand that you become better than your current ‘self’. You have to ‘walk the path‘ so to speak, in order for you to become the person you need to be successful.

Self made millionaires pay the price, and usually this means they fail a lot. They try things out to see if they work. Anyone who is afraid to fail would be reluctant to try things out for fear of failure.

Watch this quick 2 minute video from Richard Branson on failure.

The difference between someone who is successful and someone who isn’t, is that successful people are willing to go through the pain and learn from their failures.

They never let their failures stop them from reaching their goal, in fact they want to fail fast so that they can find out how they can be successful faster.

Is the fear of failure holding you back?





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