How To Write Articles Fast

How To Write Articles Fast

One of the things you are gonna find out about affiliate marketing is that you will have to create content – and a lot of it.

And therefore it makes sense to find a way of creating content the quickest possible way, without skimping on quality.

Now, I am no genius copywriter and I have no academic qualifications after my name in the writing field, but even I can get results with the knowledge I have.

So, hopefully when you read this, you will be of the notion that, if Frank can do it, then I definitely can too.

But, lets not get it twisted, I probably have a head start on some of you.

Is there a difference between writing a blog post and writing copy?

There are a number of differences between writing an article for a blog or writing copy to sell an affiliate product.  However, if you can do both and merge the two flavors together, then your article is gonna be killer – and hopefully not filler.

Now creating an article is one thing, pleasing the search engines is another, or so you might think.

So I decided to put this video together for you, as not only part of a promise I made to myself to get better at making videos starring yours truly, but also to provide what I believe is ‘real’ insight into not only writing articles fast, but pleasing both the reader and search engines.

See what you think.

Well whaddy think?

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Frank Lam Sheung


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