How To Get Copyright Free Pictures

How To Get Copyright Free Pictures

get royalty free imagesOne thing that you are gonna find when creating posts for your website is that it just looks a lot better if you have images on the page.

Images are just a really good way to set the scene for your content.

However, getting royalty free images for your website can be a right pain in the butt.

So to overcome this you can create your own screen captures and capture images directly off of photos that you have taken or from your own website.

If you are not a professional photographer it doesn’t matter, because you can get high quality royalty free images at

Here’s a few more. – Probably the biggest source I’ve found. – This is my third favorite. – Another good one worth bookmarking.

But for today let’s talk about a piece of software called Jing.

Jing was created by Techsmith, who also created Camtasia and Snagit. If you don’t know what either of these two apps do, then it doesn’t matter, because it won’t stop you from using Jing.

You can download Jing here.

They will ask you for a valid email address and a username, so give them that and you will get a free account – Don’t worry they won’t spam you – just in case you were thinking that.

There is a download for both Windows and Mac.

Then watch my video to see how I can capture an image on the screen and then mold it into something I can use for my website.  The see how having a blog makes me money here.

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