How to Create a Digg Account

How to Create a Digg Account

Digg is a powerful way to distribute your content on the internet.

If you don’t already have a Digg account there here’s how you create one.

Step 1) Go to



Step 2) Click on the Sign In button found on the upper-right corner of the Digg homepage. With the new Digg, you can only create a Digg account via your Facebook or Twitter account.




Step 3) Authorize Digg to have a access to your account. In my case, I signed in with Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter account follow my instructions on how to set one up here.



Step 4) Your Digg account is ready. Now you can submit a link and/or digg some interesting stories.



When you scroll down, you will see the menu bar (as shown in the image below) and some of the options you have in Digg.





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