Affiliate Marketing Success Story – $200,000 in 6 months

Affiliate Marketing Success Story – $200,000 in 6 months

Here’s one really interesting affiliate marketing success story, from a super affiliate called Tyler Cruz, who pulled in over $200,000 in commissions in six months, BUT is he really successful?

Here’s some of Tyler’s latest stats.


Now with those kinds of stats it is easy to think that Tyler has got this affiliate marketing thing down – right?

And by all accounts Tyler is a very successful affiliate marketer, BUT there is one problem.

Tyler practices what is known as ‘Hit n Run’ affiliate marketing, which basically entails these 3 things:

  1. Finding offers to promote.
  2. Driving traffic to those offers using paid advertising like PPC, PPV, Facebook, Media buys, etc.
  3. Make money – Tweak campaigns for maximum return on investment.

Now you’d think that Tyler would be laughing all the way to the bank, BUT in July 2013 all of his campaigns came to an abrupt end, due to competition.

So what happened to Tyler?

Well, he went from earning a five figure monthly income to earning zero overnight. And it’s not because affiliate marketing isn’t a sound business model, it’s just that the business model Tyler uses is flawed for long term sustainable income.

You see the problem with ‘Hit n Run’ affiliate marketing is that if all of your campaigns die, you are left with a big FAT zero, as Tyler experienced.

And it’s because at the end of the day the customer doesn’t belong to him, which means that, although he makes the initial sale, he loses any future sales. So to be successful with this model you have to be able to continually push sales at the front end of your business for as long as you can.

Tyler now has to start from scratch, and slowly build up his income once again and live with the uncertainty of how long his new campaigns are going to last before they die.

But There Is A Better Way

Find a business model that gives you the benefits of a vendor, but where you don’t have to create the products yourself, but also allows you to market the same way as an affiliate marketer. A business model that is based on a continuity payment plan, but is not limited by one income stream.

What this business model would mean for someone like Tyler, is that he can concentrate all of his efforts on getting the initial sale, like he already does, but with the added bonus of getting paid over and over again. This is how real businesses are built.

But do they exist?

Yep they do, and I will tell you about it soon, but first …

… you might be thinking to yourself that I seem to have a good understanding of what Tyler is going through, and if you thought this, then you’d be right.

You see I fell for the ‘Hit n Run’ affiliate marketing business model a number of years ago, just like Tyler and many other affiliate marketers, where you make money now and don’t worry about tomorrow, BUT lemme tell ya, it gets old really fast, especially when you’re picking yourself up off the floor the third time.

So I searched and searched for the right business that would give me the benefits of a vendor, but that I could market the same way as an affiliate marketer and guess what – I believe I found it.

This business not only gives you front end sales, but also lifetime customer value, and get this, you don’t even have to create a product.

I know I’m spinning this out a little bit, but it’s because I want you to see the value up front before you judge it.

I have watched this business go from strength to strength and I have seen some amazing success stories from ordinary people some as young as 12 years old.

If you want personal coaching towards your first sale, then join me here.

I’m not here to tell you that it is the best online business around, but once you understand the true benefit of this business model, then it doesn’t matter if the name of the company is, because it is the business model that counts.

Actually a buddy of mine of got me into this business because like me he is a full-time affiliate marketer too and is now earning 5 figures a month, month in and month out. Peep his Empower Network Review.


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