What Does Old Spice, Terry Crews & Affiliate Marketing Have In Common?

What Does Old Spice, Terry Crews & Affiliate Marketing Have In Common?

Probably one of the grossest videos I have seen for a long time – but one that I had to keep watching.

Terry Crews, who might be more familiar to some as Julius Rock from the hit TV show ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, or Hale Caesar from the more recent movie duel ‘The Expendables’,  show cases his muscular attributes in an old spice commercial.

Watch Terry flex it out!

Muscle … muscle … muscle – WHAT!    Muscle … muscle … muscle – FLEX!

Feel the testosterone?

Now that’s what I call a one man band!

Sometimes affiliate marketing can feel like you’re a one man band too, and sometimes you feel there’s just so much to learn that it’s difficult to know where to start.

I mean where do you start?

Do you learn how to do banner ads, solo ads, PPC, PPV, article marketing, media buys, video marketing or blogging? I mean all the guru’s tell you that these techniques work.

So why haven’t they worked for you?

Well, there could be a number of reasons, but the one reason that holds people back in this game is being able to stick with a particular technique until it is mastered.

Often when people don’t see immediate results they get discouraged and find something else that might be the answer to their problems, when the real answer is to keep working at it until you get the results you are looking for.

You have to work-it-out man.

Just like building a muscle, it would be unreasonable to think that you’d have a nicely toned body after going to the gym for a week – right.

But over time and with consistent effort, slowly but surely you’ll make progress, until one day, you look in the mirror and realize that you now have nicely toned body.

However, in affiliate marketing we’re talking mental muscle. Developing the mental muscle is the same as the physical. With consistent effort you will make progress, until one day you look in your account and find that you have made a sale.

So the answer is to pick a technique and stick with it until you have mastered it, then explore other marketing techniques and approach them the same way.

Just like my main man Terry Crews.

When you’re able to play the bass drums with your biceps and the snare with your thighs, then progress onto to playing the keyword with your abs.

Muscle … muscle … muscle … muscle – what!

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