5 Minutes To Awesomefy Your Life

5 Minutes To Awesomefy Your Life

Like the title?

I came across Vishen Lakhiani’s work a little over a year ago while looking into mind power stuff.

He’s seems like a down to earth kinda guy … and he doesn’t portray himself as a ‘self help guru’, which is refreshing.

Anyway, I really like the message in the video below, and I totally believe that you should create a daily routine to feed your mind with inspirational, empowering thoughts.

It will make a profound difference to all your endeavors – trust me.

Whether you accomplish this with affirmations, reading an inspirational book, watching inspiration videos or listening to audio’s, you need to get an injection of the stuff each and everyday.

Your subconscious loves repetition. Make it a habit.

Just like brushing your teeth … set aside a few minutes each day (maybe while brushing) to feed your subconscious with empowering thoughts.

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