What Is The Best Way To Check Your Keyword Rankings?

What Is The Best Way To Check Your Keyword Rankings?

Okay, so if you know anything about SEO and keyword research then one thing you are going to find yourself doing not once, but multiple times during the day is checking your website ranking for specific keywords.

You somehow fall into a hypnotic trance where you just have to check if your rankings have changed from the previous day.

Don’t worry it’s normal.

But, what does Google think about it?

Obviously, this is not something that Google wants people to do, because it over inflates the popularity search for that keyword phrase, thereby distorting the true data from valid searches.

Instead Google, suggests an alternate solution would be to analysis your server logs to understand what keywords are currently bring in search engine traffic, and maximize visitor engagement and conversions that way.

I tend to agree.

If you spend a little time tweaking your webpage so that you can maximize conversions for the keywords you are ranking for then that would be a better mindset to adopt.

Often I have ignored the keywords that are bring me in the traffic, but using a tool like Crazyegg could help to convert that traffic into sales.

Watch the video below.

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