What does Google think of single-page websites?

What does Google think of single-page websites?

Does Google hate one-page websites?

Well, you’d think so – right?

Having said that, I have a few of them and Google is still showing me the love.

BUT for HOW long is the question.

So this is a question that I wanted to get some answers on.

Still NOT sure if Matt actually answered the question properly in the video below, because as soon as he started talking about CSS and Javascript, I started to zone out and think about coffee and pizza.

A bit random I know.

BUT in essence, I think what he is saying is that one page websites are fine, so long as the content doesn’t violate Google’s terms of service, and that the Google bot can actually read the content.

Here’s an example of a one-page website that seems to be doing just fine.

It has a PageRank of 4 and is one page one for the following terms
dr masaru emoto
dr emoto water experiment
dr emoto hoax



If you glean some other insight from the video then please leave a comment below.

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