Matt Says – Linking Two Websites Together Won’t Hurt Rankings

There has been a lot of confusion around interlinking websites.

Some say that it will hurt your SEO rankings if you interlink your websites, while others come up with alternate ways of interlinking websites so as NOT to get detected by Google.

If you are NOT up with the play on interlinking website, then lemme break it down for you.

Webmasters have figured out that they can artificially increase the rank of a webpage or website by throwing more backlinks at it.

Some create multiple websites to use as link farms primarily use to boast their rankings in Google.

Google has figured this out and as a result penalizes the website.

So here’s the deal with interlinking your websites.

Common sense prevails.

So here the rule of thumb to use according to Matt.

If your websites are thematically related and you can count the number of websites you interlink together on one hand then theoretically, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Watch the video below.

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