How To Overcome Failure As An Affiliate Marketer

How To Overcome Failure As An Affiliate Marketer

approval-15914_640One thing is for sure when you get into affiliate marketing, you’re gonna fail a lot more than you are going to succeed. It’s just part of the game … as in any business.

I used to look at the guys who were earning 6 figures as affiliates and think to myself, boy wouldn’t it be great to earn that amount of money from home. I wish I knew what they did.

BUT, what I came to realize is that THEY had to travel the SAME path as me to get where they are today. They had to fight the battles with Google, PPC, PPV, Facebook and Twitter, but somehow they just kept going.

How did they do it?

How do you keep going when nothing works?

Okay, so this is how I do. I’m sure there are many ways to approach this, BUT this is what works for me.

Here’s My Process

I work on one thing at a time and try to master it. I pick it to pieces – so to speak. If I don’t know the answer I hypothesize and then run tests to confirm my hypothesis. With every test I run, I know I am getting closer to it’s mastery, EVEN if initially, I go down the wrong path. Because, in knowing what doesn’t work helps me to pin point what does.

It’s A State Of Mind

Where one person perceives an events as a total disaster another will see it as a success.

I read a story the other day about two couples who stayed at the same hotel, one couple LOVED the ambiance of the old hotel, the high ceilings, the soft double bed, even the rickety lift they thought charming. Whilst another couple, who COMPLAINED about everything, hated the ‘faded appearance’ of the old hotel, they would have far preferred the compactness and modernity of motel rooms with their twin beds.

So, if failure is a state of mind, then it means we can consciously manage it, and doing so, it will help us to continue to make the necessary progress needed in our business, EVEN in the FACE of failure.

So finding tools to help put you in a good state of mind is useful – yes?

Here’s what I do.

Step 1) I think back to a time when I felt unbeatable, you know one of those days when everything is going your way, when you feel like a winner. Latch onto that feeling, because we are going to use it in step 2.

Step 2) Then find any external stimuli that invokes the same feeling – it can be a song that you listened to on the radio when you were growing up – or a song that is current. It can be anything really – I just say songs because, music has always play a big part in my life when growing up, and there are many that put me into state.

Once you have the song or songs, play them until you slowly feel your mood moving into state. Sometimes I have to play more than one song – depending on how I feel that day, but as I continue I gradually feel a mood change.

That’s it.

Is there a song that instantly lifts your mood when you play it?

Frank Lam Sheung


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