How To Increase Conversions Using Crazy Egg

How To Increase Conversions Using Crazy Egg

So I have a really quick post for ya today.

If you have ever wondered how people figure out what actions their visitors are taking on their websites, (without physically sitting along side them), then this post might be helpful to you?

If you are thinking about creating an online business then you are going to have to track and measure each part of your sales process at some point in time.

Often marketers are “flying in the dark” when it comes to understand what part of their landing pages are working for them.

So imagine having a tool that shows you what parts of your webpage are being clicked on, and where your visitors are spending their time.

Imagine understanding what parts make your visitor stay and what parts make them leave your website.

Crazyegg, helps you to gather insight into a marketing campaign that might be failing or at best breaking even, and with a few tweaks here are there, you can get it back on track.

There are several benefits from this type of analysis.

  1. Track what users think are the most important parts of your offerings.
  2. Optimize your webpage for maximum user engagement.
  3. Optimize visitor conversions
  4. Track any visual changes you might add or subtract from the webpage.
  5. Minimize bounce rate on your website.

For example, if you find people leaving your website after a certain page then you can use Crazyegg to help determine why. You can test different call to action statements like click here to learn more.

Did you just click on the click here link above and realize that it was just an underline?

Similarly if you have a squeeze page that is getting traffic, but no conversions then Crazyegg can help you to see why.

Just watch the video below and hopefully it will answer your questions, if not then please leave a comment below and I’ll get to it.


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