How To Create A Twitter Account

How To Create A Twitter Account

Since Google is big on social signals, one of the easiest ways to add a signal is by creating your own Twitter account and posting to it daily.

Step 1) Go to




Step 2) You will see a sign up form in the right part of Twitter’s home page. Fill it out and click on Sign up for Twitter button.




Step 3) Choose your username (it needs to be fewer than 15 characters). Then decide if you always want to be signed in to Twitter on the PC that you are using. Also, you can choose to tailor your Twitter account to your website visits. Once you are done entering the needed information, click on Create my account button.




Step 4) Twitter will first present to you a list of popular people. You will have to follow at least five people and once you are done with that, click the Next button. After that, Twitter will present another list based on the people you chose. The rule is the same — follow at least five people and click the Next button.




 Step 5) Twitter will give you an option to follow the people you know via email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL. If you grant Twitter an access to your contacts on your email account, it will present to you a list of the people you know. You can choose to follow all them or only a few of them. You can also skip this step by just clicking the Skip option.



 Step 6) You will be asked to upload your profile photo and then write a bio about yourself. Again you can choose to skip this step if you want, just click on the Skip option.




 Step 7) After that, you will need to confirm your Twitter account. Go to your email account and click on the link sent to you by Twitter.





 Step 8) Once you have confirmed your Twitter account, you can now use it. You can edit your profile, you can connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account, you can post your first tweet, you can build your followers in no time and more. Enjoy!


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