How to Create a Google Plus Account

How to Create a Google Plus Account

If you already have a Google account (one you use for Gmail and YouTube), then you already have a Google+ account.

All you just need to do to access it is click on the Sign in button found on the upper right corner of Google home page, enter your email address and your password, and click on +[your name] found in the upper left corner of the Google home page.




However, if you have not created a Google+ account yet then just follow these steps.

Step 1) Go to Google+ homepage.




Step 2) Click on the Create an account button.




Step 3) You will see a Sign up Form. Just fill it out completely and click on the Next Step button.




Step 4) For verification purpose, Google will ask for a valid phone number. Just enter a valid phone number and choose how Google can send you the verification code – via text message or via call and click on Continue.



Step 5) Enter the verification code you received and hit Continue.



Step 6) A welcome note will appear, just click on the button: Continue to Google+.


Step 7) When you are ready to get started with Google+, you will be first asked to add connections to your Google+ account via Hotmail or Yahoo. You can choose to skip this step and continue to the next step if you’re not using these email providers.

Later on, you can manually search for the people that you want to connect with through Google+ search.




Step 8) Google+ will also suggest some public figures and some interesting pages for you to follow. You can scroll down the page and choose which page or public figure you want to follow and click on Continue. If you don’t select anything and you will click on Continue, Google+ warns you that you might be lonely without making connections, click continue anyway.




 Step 9) After that, you can upload a primary photo and then start adding basic information to your profile – the school you attended, your employer/job title, and your current place — once completed, click on Finish.




Step 10) Once you click on Finish, your Google+ account is ready and you will be directed to Google+ homepage. Here, you will see all the updates of your connections.

To fully complete or customize your profile, you can select the Profile option found on the right corner of the Google+ homepage below the Home option. In editing your profile, you can upload cover photo, you can add your tag line, you can complete your about me page, and you can add additional information you want about you and your business if you have one. Google+ offers a lot of features and perks that you can take advantage of! Enjoy!








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