How To Create A Facebook Account

How To Create A Facebook Account

Some people think that because they are blogging and not using Facebook as their primary promotional channel, that they don’t have to have a Facebook account, but the opposite is true.

Having a Facebook account strengthens your online presence in the ‘eyes’ of Google. In fact look around and you will find that any ‘real’ online business will have not only have a Facebook account, but also Twitter and Google+ as a bare minimum.

Therefore it only makes sense to create your own social media accounts to let Google know that you are just as serious about your blog.

It will take Google time to identify the connections, but once they do, then it will definitely help you to rank better in the serps.

How to create a facebook account

Step 1) Before creating a Facebook account, you should first create an email account.




Step 2) Go to



Step 3) In the Facebook homepage, you will see a signup form. Fill it out and then click the Sign Up button.




Step 4) You will be asked to search for friends using your email account. You can choose to do this or you can choose to skip this step, and continue with the sign up process.




Step 5) Next step of the sign up process is filling out profile information – the schools you attended or the employer(s) you have, your hometown and your current city.  Again, you can choose to fill this out, or you can choose to skip this step.




Step 6) Upload a primary photo for your Facebook profile. Just like the other steps, you can skip this too if you want.




Step 7) To complete the sign up process, you need to verify your account. Click the button: Go to your email and then click the link sent by Facebook to confirm your account.






Step 8) Once you have successfully confirmed your account with your email, your new Facebook account is now ready.



Once you have created a new post for your blog ensure you post it to your Facebook page.


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