Change Your Frequency And You Change Your Reality

Change Your Frequency And You Change Your Reality

I recently was introduced to the concept of vibrational frequencies and how it plays a part in everyday life.

I  read of a water experiment conducted by Dr Emoto, which studied the crystallized structure of water when frozen after exposing the water to various words, pictures, music and intentions and what he found was fascinating.

He found that the shape of the crystals differed substantially depending on the thought, words, music or intention as shown in the pictures below.

gratitude  joy love_and_thanksihateuumakemesick


As you can see the crystals that were formed from gratitude, joy, love and thanks are significantly different to I hate you , you make me sick. And since human beings are made up of 80% water it make sense to delve deeper into understanding how thoughts and intentions can dictate the health and well being of your body.

All living beings are vibrating at a frequency, whether you are aware of it or not, in fact if you get down to the atomic level you will find that inanimate objects are vibrating too, like your chair, your desk and your computer.

We are all just a mass of energy that is in constant vibration.

I like what Christie Marie Sheldon has to say on it. Watch this video below.

Change Your Frequency
Change Your Reality

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