Is Affiliate Marketing Over Saturated?

Is Affiliate Marketing Over Saturated?

On the surface it may seem as if affiliate marketing is overly saturated, especially when the evidence backs this assumption up, with the results on the entire front-page coming from marketers pimping products.

However, if you investigate further you will find that only 5% of affiliates actually make money online.

Yep, only 5%, and why is that?

Some say that the competition has become so fierce that to occupy the top 10 spots in Google is almost impossible, especially for the average person who doesn’t have a team of link builders and SEO experts at hand. And this is why a lot of people ask the question ‘can you really make money with affiliate marketing‘.

Does affiliate marketing really work?


And for those people who want to become an affiliate marketer, here’s a quick tip, find someone (one of the 5%er’s) and do what they’re doing. All the self help guru’s tell you to do this – it’s called modelling.

Anyway, lets go back to this saturation thingy.

So if there’s only 10 spots on the front-page of Google for a given keyword, then it stands to reason that not everyone making money as an affiliate is doing so by ranking for the same keyword – right? Then how are they still able to make money?

Do they have a secret that the 95% don’t know about?

I’ll like to say something really cool and sexy here, but the reality is, there is nothing too cool about it, other than their approach to keyword research and how they calculate which keywords to target.

So while every else is following along like sheep and targeting keywords that have an exact match search volume over x or more, I am ranking almost overnight in some cases for keywords terms that the average marketer has no idea exists.

It’s like plucking fish out of a barrel. Once you know what to do, then it is a case of rinse, wash, repeat.

Why don’t more affiliates go after these keywords?

Because, – short answer is –  they don’t know how to, everything they read tells them not to bother with low volume keyword phrases, and to go after the keywords with high search volume, which is cool with me because I just scoop up all the ‘low hanging fruit’ with little to no competition and make money.

So is the marketplace really saturated then?

It is, but with affiliates that don’t know what they’re doing, which means those that do can still make bank online like me.

Don’t know who I am, then go here, and join me here and let me show you the ropes.

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